Happy Saturday I hope you are all having an amazing day

Happy Saturday I hope you are all having an amazing day!!!! My FREE 5 Day Jump into Fitness Challenge starts on Monday July 10th For 5 days we are going to do 30 mins of exercise what ever you want and get our bodies moving!!! (If you need any help with this just message me and I can give you some ideas) Summer out there and we want to enjoy it!!!
I have experienced that feeling of bloatedness, what it feels like to gain weight because I sat at a desk all day, I did not have time, I had kids to look after or so much other stuff to do!!! But I reached a point where I was not going to let those reasons stop me from getting in shape and getting healthy any longer!!!
I used to be fit at college then life started and I let myself go. I started to workout again which was all fine but I still did not see results!!! Now I have more muscle, I am more toned and fitter at nearly 40 than I was in my 20’s. I Joe feel amazing and want to opportunity to pay it forward to all of you We’ll post how we did in a private Facebook group for accountability, and I’ll give you my best tips.
Say, “Me!” in the comments or personal message me to join! There will be prizes for those who participate for those who share what their fitness was each day in the group!!!!