I was so excited last night to show off what I’ve accomplished this past year

I was so excited last night to show off what I’ve accomplished this past year.
Believe it or not I’ve lost 60lbs, not this past year, but since the beginning of my journey, but I’ve also gained another 20lbs of muscle. I went from 200lbs to 140 then to 160 now, That’s pretty crazy isn’t it. I may not be perfect, but I’m becoming the best I can be and getting better every day. It’s not about getting that 6 pack, it’s about improving my self and getting stronger, faster and being able to do more things for my family and with my family that really counts.
Thanks to everyone for all the support especially Allyson for being there every step of the way and working out with me even when we were doing different programs and the kids, Ariel, Aidan and Rowan (Baby Beast) for doing the From the Heart Challenge, (18 Min. Planks) and the 500 Pushup challenge.
I’d also like to thank my Beast and Beachbody Family for continuing to push me to be the best I can be and always being on facebook so when I didn’t feel like working out or eating properly I could always ask my self….What is Brian Harkness or Viresh Mistry doing? Or in some of Sagi’s challenges seeing Viresh do 500 push ups (amazing) or being with Brian and donig who knows how many planks with 1 arm rows.
And all the other who have been cheering and watching me along the way.
Last but not least. Sagi Kalev for creating an amazing program, but not only that, for being a truly inspiring person for our entire family. For connecting with Rowan and Allyson at the original Toronto launch of Beachbody in Canada and during Allyson’s entire journey to this point in time.
This is what I love what I do and who I do it with. We are all one big Family.