When it rains it pours

When it rains it pours…
I have two emergency situations. First, Cloud is hospitalized due to meningitis ventriculitis. We need to raise $6K to cover his current medical needs.
Second, we have updates on Jennifer Allen… and we’ll need to raise another $8-10K for treatment. I will be posting in the next hour or so an update on our princess Jennifer Allen. Feel free to comment below if you like to help fundraise for Cloud or Jennifer Allen.
These kids rely on Maya’s Hope and YOU to save their lives. I have a new video on Cloud (currently in the hospital) and photos of Jennifer Allen at the hospital getting evaluated. Many of you have wondered what has happened to the princess, and we were patiently waiting for her previous doctor to fill out forms. I will be receiving the documents in the next few days which will allow me to submit forms to hospitals here in the states.
In the meantime, here is a link to Cloud’s Crowdrise:
I will be sending a full update on Jennifer Allen later today.
Thank you all for your love, concern and compassion for two of our cutie pies.