Where has this been the last couple years

Where has this been the last couple years!!!! This Chore calendar has is completely a mom win!!! The calendar is of course magnetic so I easily placed it right on my fridge!! Yay to not having to find screws and a level to hang this up!!! The calendar is also super bright and fun! My children and me lol LOVEEEE the bright colors on this calender! This is also a really good size but not overly to big. For me I love that size of it because I can easily write the kids names and the chores in the 10 little spaces! I don’t have to worry about squishing all my words together! The calendar like I said has 10 spaces! This for me allows me to give each child 3 chores and then a bonus chore for a price!! I love that each task’s then has a bubble for each day of the week! The bubbles are also pretty good size which allows my children to mark off each day they complete the task. For them that’s their favorite part of the calendar! I am loving not having to remind my children everyday what needs to be done, but they have a pretty chore chart reminder now!!! I have also had 3 kids marking on this multiple times a day and not once has it fallen off my fridge! I have also used 2 different companies dry erase markers on this and not once have any off them stained as well as this is super easy to wipe down and clean!!! If you have little ones this honestly has became a huge help and I would invest in one #momwin #mykidslovethis #nomoremomididntknow #chorechart #ad #sponsored