With the TPP

With the TPP, bilateral trade deals, and tax reform, President Trump really meant what he said on the campaign trail. He kept his promise to protect whistleblowers within the VA “while making it easier to fire problematic employees at the department.” Via Fox News
And the list of promises that President Trump made was quite extensive. Thankfully, he seems to be going down the checklist. As his presidency moves on, the U.S.A. will once again look like the great America we grew up with. Over the centuries past candidates have made campaign promises they had no intention to complete, they were just bargaining chips to further their own goals. Finally, an outsider says what he meant. Thank you, Mr. President Trump. Perhaps other future candidates will serve like our Founding father’s and you and work for the greater good of the country over fighting for personal power. Just maybe others will wake up to honesty and what a man’s word means.